Department of Fashion Design Technology

  1. Introduction

Fashion and apparel industry has become a key dimension in Pakistan’s economy due to its export potential worldwide. Being a part of the largest industrial sector, it needs a creative workforce with a prominent level of skills for its future expansion specially to cater European market.

The objective of the department of fashion design technology is to develop students as authentic designers of haute couture with creating their own brands or uplifting Pakistani brands in fashion and to equip them with all skills necessary to manage the global fashion industry at industrial level too. The department of fashion design is equipped with state-of-the-art labs related to designing, manufacturing and testing many kinds of apparel products.

Currently, the department is offering four-year degree programs in Fashion Design Technology and Garment Engineering Technology. The unique curriculum makes students excellent entrepreneur and increases man-power for design houses or fashion outlets.  

Offered Degree Programs:

BSc Fashion Design Technology
BSc Garment Engineering Technology