Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship Project (PTUT)

Announcement for the Ehsaas UG Scholarship Awardee

Dear Students (Recommended/ Waiting),

Subject:NBP verification of accounts of Recommended & Waiting students under Ehsas Scholarship Project

HEC/ PTUT is pleased to inform you that you have been selected under the Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship. For the opening of NBP bank account and transfer of scholarship funds, HEC and National Bank of Pakistan require  following information on a given template for your CNIC verification on an immediate basis:


Sr. Name Name of the University Date of Birth CNIC No (without dashes/13 digit) Date of CNIC Issuance Date of CNIC Expiry  
1 ABCDEF Punjab Tianjin University of Technology YYYY-MM-DD

e.g. 2001-05-22

e.g. 1234567890123 e.g. 01-Jan-2000 e.g. 01-Jan-2000


Please fill and email the information at  today positively.

Once your bank account is opened, you will activate your NBP  account after visiting the respective NBP branch which will be shared later. On activation of the account, your scholarship funds will be transferred by HEC.


Important Note: Such students who do not have valid CNIC, only B form is also required to inform at about the unavailability of CNIC.

(CNIC of Brother/Sister/Mother/Father/Uncles etc. ) will NOT be accepted.

Dr. Abdul Haseeb 
Focal Person For Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship Project PTUT.


Ehsaas UG Scholarship Project
Punjab Tianjin University of Technology, Lahore
List of Female Students

Sr # Name Father Name Roll # Department
1 NAVISH MUHAMMAD IQBAL Muhammad Iqbal 19FD011 Department of Fashion Design
2 MAHAM  SHAHZAD MUHAMMAD SHAHZAD 19FD008 Department of Fashion Design
3 shameen amjad amjad hussain 19fd002 Department of Fashion Design
4 shiza amjad Amjad Hussain 19fd01 Department of Fashion Design
5 Maha  Abid Abid Ali 19AR028 Department of Architecture
6 RUBAB  AMEER AMEER ALI 19FD004 Department of Fashion Design
7 Nimra  Mujahid Syed Mujahid Hussain 18AR45 Department of Architecture
8 Nabila  Ashraf Muhammad Ashraf 19AR018 Department of Architecture

Ehsaas UG Scholarship Project
Punjab Tianjin University of Technology, Lahore
List of Male Students

Sr # Name Father Name Roll # Department
1 hassan mustafa kazmi syed ijaz 19CT044 Civil Engineering  & Technology
2 muhammad  mubashir Muhammad Latif Javed 18FMT029 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
3 Muhammad  Usman Muhammad Ramzan 18-CT-41 Civil Engineering  & Technology
4 iftakhar  ahmad muhammad khan 18mt040 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
5 Muhammad  Ahmad Manzoor Ahmad 18AU35 Automotive Engineering & Technology
6 Muzammal  Abbas Muhammad Abbas 18FCT034 Civil Engineering  & Technology
7 FAYYAZ  AHMAD DIN MUHAMMAD 18MT043 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
8 Muhammad  Jamshaid Muhammad Shabbir 18fau027 Automotive Engineering & Technology
9 Usman  Sanaullah Muhammad Sanaullah 19MT20 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
10 ASAD  ABBAS Ghulam Abbas 18AR17 Department of Architecture
11 Gul  Rehman Muhammad Ramzan Bahoo 19MT031 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
12 Muhammad  Rehman Muhammad Riaz 19MT015 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
13 muhammad  shakeel Arshad Ahmad 19AU022 Automotive Engineering & Technology
14 Muhammad Asim Shahzad Muhammad Ashraf 18ct014 Civil Engineering  & Technology
15 Muhammad ILYAS MANGHAT ALI MANGHAT ALI 18-AR-15 Department of Architecture
16 Rizwan  Ramzan Muhammad Ramzan 18-MT-09 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
17 Muhammad  Junaid Aziz Ullah 19CT002 Civil Engineering  & Technology
18 Muhammad  Waseem Muhammad Saleem 18(F)MT048 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
19 Muhammed  Zaheer Abdul Hameed 18FD27 Department of Fashion Design
20 Raza  Haider Zahid manzoor hussain 18FD25 Department of Fashion Design
21 Ihtisham  Hassan Khalid Mehmood 18CT05 Civil Engineering  & Technology
22 Shaaban  Haider Rafaqat Ali 19CT040 Civil Engineering  & Technology
23 Arslan  Shehzad Muhammad Boota 19MT012 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
24 ISLAM  MUSHTAQ MUHAMMAD MUSHTAQ 19MT004 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
25 muhammad  nabeel Nisar Ahmad 19ET29 Electrical Engineering & Technology
26 Yasir  Naveed Ghulam Yaseen 19CT013 Civil Engineering  & Technology
27 Mirbaz  Ali Ghulam Ali 18ct-29 Civil Engineering  & Technology
28 MUHAMMAD  FAIZ MUHAMMAD ABDULLAH 18(F)AU036 Automotive Engineering & Technology
29 Muhammad  ibrar Abdul Jabbar 18fau038 Automotive Engineering & Technology
30 MUHAMMAD  SOHAIB ABDUL SATTAR 18fmt032 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
31 Muhammad Iqbal Riasat Riasat Ali 18fau040 Automotive Engineering & Technology
32 Tehseen  Zafar Zafar iqbal 18(F)MT037 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
33 Umair  Asghar Muhammad Asghar 18(F)AU033 Automotive Engineering & Technology
34 Umar Munir Munir Ahmad 18(f)ET034 Electrical Engineering & Technology
35 MUZAMMIL  ZULFIQAR ZULFIQAR ALI BHUTTA 18AR011 Department of Architecture
36 Bilal  Hussain Ghulam Sarwar 18(F)MT002 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
37 Mudassar  Ali Salamat Ali 18MT34 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
38 Muhammad  Salman Sultan Muhammad Sultan 18MT42 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
39 MUHAMMAD ABU BAKAR  SIDDIQUE MUHAMMAD AZAM 18FD031 Department of Fashion Design
40 Qasim  Afzal Muhammad Afzal 18AR19 Department of Architecture
41 Saqib muneer muhammad muneer 18MT21 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
42 Arslan  Fazal Fazal ul Haq 19ct021 Civil Engineering  & Technology
43 ASAD ULLAH ARSHAD MIAN 18AU10 Automotive Engineering & Technology
44 MOHSIN  YAQOOB YAQOOB HUSSAIN 18MT-01 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
45 mouzam  ali AZAM ALI 19CT027 Civil Engineering  & Technology
46 Muhammad  Mohsan Muhammad Zafar 19mt002 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
47 Muhammad  Sarfraz Muhammad Din 18-MT-31 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
48 Muhammad  Shakeel Abid Hussain 18fet018 Electrical Engineering & Technology
49 Muhammad  Shakeel Muhammad Rafique 18fau025 Automotive Engineering & Technology
50 Muhammad Adnan Arif Muhammad Arif 18fau032 Automotive Engineering & Technology
51 Muhammad Jalees Zafar Zafar Iqbal 19CT025 Civil Engineering  & Technology
52 Muhammad Jazam Hameed Abdul Hameed 18AR26 Department of Architecture
53 Shahid  Anwar Anwar Ali 18-CT-35 Civil Engineering  & Technology
54 umer  shahzad Muhammad Yaseen 18(far)0034 Department of Architecture
55 ABU  ZAR MUHAMMAD YASIN 19CT032 Civil Engineering  & Technology
56 Chand  Badar Hussain Muhammad Nawaz Ghumman 18CT10 Civil Engineering  & Technology
57 Fahad  Hussain Ghulam Hussain 19MT001 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
58 Muhammad  Abbas Fazal Abbas 189AR031 Department of Architecture
59 Muhammad  Umair Abdul Latif 19ET001 Electrical Engineering & Technology
60 Muhammad Adnan  Yaqoob Muhammad Yaqoob 18FD4 Department of Fashion Design
61 Muzaffar  Ali Muhammad Shafi 19MT011 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
62 Zain  Abubakar Muhammad Ishaq 18ET25 Electrical Engineering & Technology
63 ZEESHAN  WARIS MUHAMMAD WARIS 18FAR017 Department of Architecture
64 Zubair Riaz  Mughal Riaz Ahmad 18-ET-19 Electrical Engineering & Technology
65 AHMAD  YASEEN MUHAMMAD YASEEN 19ET013 Electrical Engineering & Technology
66 Ali Hamza  Hafeez Muhammad Hafeez 18-AU-38 Automotive Engineering & Technology
67 AMMAR  AHMAD MAQBOOL AHMAD 19CT011 Civil Engineering  & Technology
68 Babar  Ali Muhammad Hanif 18(F)ET027 Electrical Engineering & Technology
69 BILAL  SHAHZAD MUHAMMAD RIAZ NASIR 19CT016 Civil Engineering  & Technology
70 Haider  Arshad Muhammad Arshad 18ET09 Electrical Engineering & Technology
71 Irfan  Mahmood Muhammad Ramzan 18ET20 Electrical Engineering & Technology
72 Muhammad  Shehzad Muhammad Shabbir 19ET003 Electrical Engineering & Technology
73 Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal 18mt22 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
74 MUHAMMAD IRFAN  KHAN SOBA KHAN 18(f)mt021 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
75 Muhammad Mohsin Younas Muhammad Younas 19AR029 Department of Architecture
76 Muhammad Tauseef  Talib Talib Hussain 19CT015 Civil Engineering  & Technology
77 Rana Muhammad Asim Rana Nisar Ahmad 18ct027 Civil Engineering  & Technology
78 SYED MUHAMMAD  ZARYAB ABBAS SYED QAMAR ABBAS 18(f)MT039 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
79 Abdullah  Saleem Muhammad Saleem 19-MT-046 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
80 Ahtesham  khan Azam khan 18(F)MT017 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
81 kashif  ali Muhammad Ilyas 18fmt040 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
82 MUHAMMAD  UMAR KARAMAT ALI 19ET009 Electrical Engineering & Technology
83 muhammad arshad  amin muhammad amin sarwar 19CT012 Civil Engineering  & Technology
84 Muhammad Imran Ehsan ullah 19AU015 Automotive Engineering & Technology
85 Muzammal  Baig Gustasum Baig 18AR024 Department of Architecture
86 Naeem  Abbas Shahadat Ali 18ET38 Electrical Engineering & Technology
87 Saeed  Khan Saleem Ahmad 19ET010 Electrical Engineering & Technology
88 Tanzeel  Ahmad Muhammad Arshed 19ET043 Electrical Engineering & Technology
89 Tayyab  Arshad Muhammad Arshad 18au22 Automotive Engineering & Technology
90 muhammad  shahid mushtaq ahmed 18au005 Automotive Engineering & Technology
91 Shanawar  Hussain Laab Din 19MT033 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
92 Abdul Wahab Siddiqui Abdul hamid siddiqui 18mt02 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
93 afzaal  ahmad mukhtar ahmad 18mt44 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
94 Ali  Hassan Sheikh Tahir Mehmood 18AR039 Department of Architecture
95 Ali  Hassan Muhammad Hussain 18-CT-03 Civil Engineering  & Technology
96 Asad  Ali Nazar Hussain 18(F)MT008 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
97 Hamza Taimoor Hassan Shabbir Hassan  Tabassum 18ET023 Electrical Engineering & Technology
98 Ikram  Ali Rahmat Ali 18(F)MT026 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
99 Mehmood  Ahmad Sofi Noor Ahmed 18-ct-15 Civil Engineering  & Technology
100 Muhammad  Burhan Ali Anjum Naveed 19MT005 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
101 Muhammad  Usman Abdul Rasheed 18CT23 Civil Engineering  & Technology
102 Munir  Hussain Muhammad Nosher 19-MT-019 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
103 Mustajab  ahmed muhammad farooq akram 18AU34 Automotive Engineering & Technology
104 TANVEER  HUSSAIN MUHAMMAD YASEEN 18ET14 Electrical Engineering & Technology
105 SAAD BIN ABBAS ABBAS ALI 19AR007 Department of Architecture
106 Hamza  Rehman Abdul Rehman 18AU42 Automotive Engineering & Technology
107 Mubeen Aslam Muhammad Aslam 19fd03 Department of Fashion Design
108 Muhammad  Ahmad Hafiz Ghulam Abbas 19Ct024 Civil Engineering  & Technology
109 MUHAMMAD  FAIZAN SAMI ULLAH QURESHI 18CT021 Civil Engineering  & Technology
110 Muhammad  Irshadullah Muhammad Saleem 18-(F)MT-047 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
111 Muhammad  Mubashir Muhammad Mujahid 18(F)MT038 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
112 Muhammad  Saqlain Muhammad Shareef 18(F)CT 049 Civil Engineering  & Technology
113 Muhammad Akmal hayyat Muhammad Ajmal 19MT032 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
114 MUHAMMAD HAMZA MAZHAR MAZHAR HUSSAIN 19ET030 Electrical Engineering & Technology
115 MUHAMMAD TALHA TABASSAM IFTIKHAR AHMAD 19MT009 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
116 Muhammad Usama  Afzal Muhammad Afzal Qadeer 19CT005 Civil Engineering  & Technology
117 Rajab  Ali Bashir Ahmad 19-AR-038 Department of Architecture
118 Shehroz  Naveed Muhammad Naveed 19mt017 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
119 umair  yaqoob Rana Muhammad Yaqoob 18AR31 Department of Architecture
120 afaq  ahmad Muhammad Altaf 18AU43 Automotive Engineering & Technology
121 Ali  Hamza Aslam Muhammad Aslam 19CT039 Civil Engineering  & Technology
122 FAISAL  FAYYAZ MUHAMMAD FAYYAZ 18CT36 Civil Engineering  & Technology
123 Muhammad  Asad Ghulam Rasool 18AR033 Department of Architecture
124 Muhammad Zaki Hassan Khan Noor Hassan Sajid 18(F)AU002 Automotive Engineering & Technology
125 Muhammed Ikhtisham Razzaq Abdul Razzaq 18CT12 Civil Engineering  & Technology
126 RANA BAKHTIAR  AHMAD MUKHTAR AHMAD 19AU024 Automotive Engineering & Technology
127 Shehroz  Anwar Muhammad Anwar 19AU032 Automotive Engineering & Technology
128 Umer  Farooq Muhammad Nawaz 18FCT040 Civil Engineering  & Technology
129 Usama  Atteeque Muhammad  Atteeque 18fet002 Electrical Engineering & Technology
130 Muhammad  Usman Muhammad Shahid Javed 18(F)ET028 Electrical Engineering & Technology
131 Aamir  Sohail Muhammad Irshad 18fau028 Automotive Engineering & Technology
132 Abu  Harera Muhammad Arif 19AR016 Department of Architecture
133 Abubakar  saddique Ghulam hussain 18(F)ET020 Electrical Engineering & Technology
134 Adeel  Rahman Mukhtar Ahmad 19AR044 Department of Architecture
135 Arslan Saleem Muhammad Saleem 18(F)MT025 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
136 mahboob  ali maqsood ahmad 18au08 Automotive Engineering & Technology
137 Mubashar  Hussain Muhammad Mushtaq 19CT009 Civil Engineering  & Technology
138 Muhammad  Adil Abdul ghaffar 18(F)MT007 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
139 MUHAMMAD  TALHA Shoukat ali 19CT034 Civil Engineering  & Technology
140 Muhammad  Umer Farooq Jameel ahmad 18MT004 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
141 Muhammad  Usama Naseem Ahmed 19MT013 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
142 Muhammad  Usman Muhammad Ayyoub 18-CT-17 Civil Engineering  & Technology
143 Muhammad Sohaib Khan Muhammad Saddique Khan 18fct029 Civil Engineering  & Technology
144 Talha  Iqbal Muhammad Iqbal 18(F)MT014 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
145 Umar  Iftikhar Iftikhar hussain 18-ET-31 Electrical Engineering & Technology
146 usman  ali kamran 18(F)CT027 Civil Engineering  & Technology
147 Zain Ul Abideen Hussnain Asif Mehmood 19-ARC-020 Department of Architecture
148 ABDULLAH  BABAR MUHAMMAD BABAR AMIN 18Fct025 Civil Engineering  & Technology
149 Abdullah Aftab Ahmad Aftab 18ET41 Electrical Engineering & Technology
150 ALI  RAZA FARYAD ALI 19MT030 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
151 Ammad  Akhtar Muhammad Akhtar Sajjad 18(f)d012 Department of Fashion Design
152 Ammar  Yaseen Muhammad Yaseen 19MT027 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
153 Ansar  Abbas Sabz Ali 19CT035 Civil Engineering  & Technology
154 atif ali shah syed asif ali shah 18fct024 Civil Engineering  & Technology
155 AWAIS  SHAKIR MUHAMMAD ASLAM 18FET026 Electrical Engineering & Technology
156 FAIZAN  SHAFIQ MUHAMMAD SHAFIQ 19AU039 Automotive Engineering & Technology
157 Hamza  Amin Muhammad Amin 18AU24 Automotive Engineering & Technology
158 mahmood  ahmad muhammad naeem 18(F)AR035 Department of Architecture
159 Mubashar  Ali Muhammad Nawaz 18fct014 Civil Engineering  & Technology
160 MUHAMMAD  ALI MUHAMMAD SAEED 19Au007 Automotive Engineering & Technology
161 Muhammad  Ashraf Talib Hussain 18CT49 Civil Engineering  & Technology
162 Muhammad  Atif Muhammad Younas 18AR008 Department of Architecture
163 Muhammad  Awais Naseem Ahmed 18AR14 Department of Architecture
164 MUHAMMAD  FAHEEM MUHAMMAD IQBAL 19MT025 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
165 Muhammad  Shahid Muhammad Ali 19AU023 Automotive Engineering & Technology
166 Muhammad  Shehzad Ghulam Shabbir 18fct036 Civil Engineering  & Technology
167 MUHAMMAD  ZUBAIR ZAHID Zahid Akhtar 18(F)MT 023 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
168 Muhammad Ammar Ahmad Ameer bukhsh 18(F)AR015 Department of Architecture
169 Muhammad Arslan Shahraz Falak Sher 19AU034 Automotive Engineering & Technology
170 MUHAMMAD IKRAM HASSAN ALLAH BUKHSH 18CT007 Civil Engineering  & Technology
171 Muhammad Shoaib  Mubarik Mubarik ali 18au40 Automotive Engineering & Technology
172 Muhammad Usman Farooq Farooq-e-Azam 18(F)MT030 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
173 Mustazhar  Baig Ishtiaq Baig 18MT17 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
174 Saqib  Ali Ghafoor Ahmad 19CT008 Civil Engineering  & Technology
175 usama  barkaat Muhammad Walliat 18(F)mt027 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
176 Yashal  Hanan Muhammad Hanif 19MT003 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
177 Tayyab Muhammad Rasheed 18fct047 Civil Engineering  & Technology
178 Abdul  Wahab Muhammad sadiq siddique 18MT025 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
179 AMIR  IQBAL BADAR MUNIR 18fmt013 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
180 AWAIS  ASLAM MUHAMMAD ASLAM 19AU002 Automotive Engineering & Technology
181 HAFIZ  MUHAMMAD ABID ALI AZIZ UR REHMAN 18ET016 Electrical Engineering & Technology
182 Jahandad  khan Muhammad Rehman 18Au45 Automotive Engineering & Technology
183 Muhammad MOHSIN akber ali 18au25 Automotive Engineering & Technology
184 Nouman  Ali Muhammad Ali 19MT37 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
185 saqib waheed waheed ahmad 19AU014 Automotive Engineering & Technology
186 TALHA  ROOZDAR Roozdar Khan 19ET041 Electrical Engineering & Technology
187 Tariq  Mahmood Muhammad Sadiq 18(f)fd08 Department of Fashion Design
188 Ans  Azam Azam Ali 18fau048 Automotive Engineering & Technology
189 hamid  habib habibullah 18au47 Automotive Engineering & Technology
190 Muhammad  Abdullah Qureshi Zahid ul haq qureshi 18fau022 Automotive Engineering & Technology
191 muhammad  umair bahar shah 18-CT-28 Civil Engineering  & Technology
192 MUHAMMAD AHSAN SHAHID MUHAMMAD SHAHID BHATTI 18ET50 Electrical Engineering & Technology
193 Muhammad Arshman  Ghulam Rasool Ghulam Rasool 18AU21 Automotive Engineering & Technology
194 URWA  ASAD ASAD AHMAD 19MT041 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
195 Zain  Shokat Shoukat Ali 18FAU018 Automotive Engineering & Technology
196 Arsalan  Qayyum Abdul Qayyum Khan 18FAR001 Department of Architecture
197 ASAD  RAZA MUSHTAQ AHMAD 18fct022 Civil Engineering  & Technology
198 Ghulam  Ali Sadiq Ali 18ET08 Electrical Engineering & Technology
199 Hamza  Ameer Amir Muhammad 18MT020 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
200 Khurram  Shahzad Munsif Khan 18ET06 Electrical Engineering & Technology
201 MOHMOOD  . TARIQ MOHMOOD KHAN 18fet033 Electrical Engineering & Technology
202 Muhammad Awais Qureshi Muhammad Naeem Qureshi 18(F)CT044 Civil Engineering  & Technology
203 nadeeem hassan shah syed ameer hassan shah 19ct018 Civil Engineering  & Technology
204 Riasat  Ali Muhammad Tufail 19ET011 Electrical Engineering & Technology
205 Umair  Naseer Muhammad Naseer 19AU008 Automotive Engineering & Technology
206 Abdullah  Zaheer Zaheer Ahmad Babar 18CT44 Civil Engineering  & Technology
207 Hassan  Riaz Muhammad Riaz 18(f)fd009 Department of Fashion Design
208 Irtaza  Hassan Shafqat Ali 18fct021 Civil Engineering  & Technology
209 Muhammad  Sajid Muhammad Javaid 18fct037 Civil Engineering  & Technology
210 Muhammad  Talha Tahir ul Hassan 19CT031 Civil Engineering  & Technology
211 Muhammad  Usman Arif Hussain 18AR035 Department of Architecture
212 Muhammad  Waqas Muhammad Riaz 18(F)ET014 Electrical Engineering & Technology
213 Muhammad Faizan Abbas Muhammad Abbas 18far044 Department of Architecture
214 murtaza  Nawaz muhammad nawaz 18(F)AR021 Department of Architecture
215 Muzzamil  Shahbaz Shahbaz Ahmad 18AU29 Automotive Engineering & Technology
216 nasir  mehmood khalid mehmood 18au48 Automotive Engineering & Technology
217 Shahzad  Malik Javed iqbal 18(F)CT048 Civil Engineering  & Technology
218 Syed Iqrar  Haider Syed Khalid Ali 19ET036 Electrical Engineering & Technology
219 waqar  younes Muhammad younes 19MT029 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
220 Aftab  bukhari Syed mushtaq hussain shah bukhari 18fct016 Civil Engineering  & Technology
221 Muhammad Fahad  Abbas Muhammad Abbas Ahmad 18AU28 Automotive Engineering & Technology
222 Muneeb ur  Rehman Malik Zafar Iqbal 18(F)MT035 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
223 USAMA  AHMAD MUHAMMAD YOUSAF 18(F)MT018 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
224 usama  hashir shakeel ahmad 18AU04 Automotive Engineering & Technology
225 Haseeb  Mustafa Ghulam Mustafa 18-CT-37 Civil Engineering  & Technology
226 Muhammad Rameez Muhammad Akbar 18far024 Department of Architecture
227 Safeer  Ahmad Atta Muhammed 18(f)ar014 Department of Architecture
228 Sheikh Muhammad  Saqib Sheikh Zulfiqar Ali 19-AR-027 Department of Architecture
229 Syed Afaq Hussain Shah syed jaffar hussain shah 19AU027 Automotive Engineering & Technology
230 usama  liaqat Liaqat Ali 18CT39 Civil Engineering  & Technology
231 MUHAMMAD  MUZAMIL MUHAMMAD ASHFAQ 18(F)MT015 Mechanical Engineering & Technology
232 ABDUL  WASAY MINHAS Abdul Mateen Minhas 18FCT045 Civil Engineering  & Technology
233 Faheem  Qaiser M Qaiser 19AR009 Department of Architecture
234 MAJID  MUSHTAQ MUSHTAQ AHMED 19AU038 Automotive Engineering & Technology
235 Muhammad  Asif Muhammad Ashfaq 18AR029 Department of Architecture
236 Faisal  Siraj Siraj Deen 19AR026 Department of Architecture
237 TALHA  QAISAR QAISAR RASHEED 19ET015 Electrical Engineering & Technology
238 Ahmad  Shamsher Shamsher Khan 18AU12 Automotive Engineering & Technology
239 Hafiz Sikandar Ali Waris Ali 18ct038 Civil Engineering  & Technology
240 Muhammmad Zharan Menhas Muhammad Younas Menhas 18(F)ET022 Electrical Engineering & Technology
241 Abu  Bakar Muhammad Yaseen Lodhi 18CT18 Civil Engineering  & Technology
242 Muhammad  Adeel Hazfiz Muhammad Mansha Saleemi 19-AR-015 Department of Architecture
243 Muhammad  Faisal Hameed Hameed Ullah 18-CT-04 Civil Engineering  & Technology
244 Hafiz Muhammad Muaz Mahmood Ahmad 18AR23 Department of Architecture
245 Armaghan Ahmad Siddiqi Zahid Mahmood Siddiqi 18FAU012 Automotive Engineering & Technology
246 Abubaker  Shahid Shahid Raza 18CT09 Civil Engineering  & Technology
247 Muhammad Qaisar Hameed Abdul Hameed 18CT040 Civil Engineering  & Technology
248 Sheraz  Ahmad Gulzar Hussain 19AR040 Department of Architecture
249 MUHAMMAD  MUTEEN JAVAID JAVAID HUSSAIN 19-AR-032 Department of Architecture
250 ateeq ur rehman shahamand ali 18FAU001 Automotive Engineering & Technology
251 Jahanzaib  . Muhammad Ishaq sajid 18FAU007 Automotive Engineering & Technology