Chief Minister Punjab – Sardar Usman Buzdar

I am glad to state that the dream of Punjab Tianjin University of Technology (PTUT), the first of its kind in Pakistan, has become a reality, thanks to the Chinese leadership who contributed massively in setting up this landmark technology university in the country.

It is PTUT’s goal to help the existing skilled professionals to derive a greater value from this project and ultimately for a better Pakistan and hence each individual adds to the value creation. PTUT will produce graduates who will play a great role in economic development of the country. The faculty is fully capable and highly trained to help the students unlock their God-given potential and excel in their chosen area of study.

The state-of-the-art labs and technical expertise from the best of the industry is what PTUT promises to each prospective candidate. With a huge investment made towards a better future, PTUT offers you everything you need to set off in the right direction. It is now on you how you leverage this opportunity for personal development as well as progress and prosperity of the country.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah reposed his unwavering faith in the potential and capabilities of the students and the youth in shaping the destiny of the nation. Now it is your turn to rise up to the challenge and make the nation proud. You have my best wishes in your endeavors.