Textile Engineering Technology

Bachelor in Textile Engineering Technology


Textile and clothing industry has been the bulwark of Pakistan’s economy from last many years. It is the largest employment sector and earns the highest amount of foreign reserve. Being the largest industrial sector, it needs a huge workforce with prominent level of skills. The Department of Textile is established to engage the brightest students of the country and equip them with all skills necessary to manage the textile and clothing industry.

The Department of Textile is distinguished from other institutes in several ways. It has state of the art labs related to designing, manufacturing and testing of all kinds of textile and clothing products. It is offering a degree in textile technology which is more focused on hands-on experience. Textile technology program has more practical contents than theory. Continuous industrial visits, internships and projects will make the graduates more suitable textile and clothing industry.


The mission of the Department of Textile is to train the students with a high level of competence keeping in view the social and industrial needs. The department is committed to enhance the capacity of students in problem solving and process improvement. The overall goal of our department is to expose the students to the scientific processes involved in textile and clothing industry.


The objectives of textile & clothing technology program are;

  • To impart the students with basic knowledge of textile and clothing technology
  • To provide the students hands on training of textile and clothing processes
  • To prepare them for problem analysis and solution design
  • To train them to become socially responsible citizens


  • BS Textile & Clothing Technology (4 years program /137 Credit Hours)
  • This program is equipped with the courses of applied sciences, technology fundamentals, social sciences textile & clothing courses.
  • The focus is to train the students using lectures and hand on training. The participants, after graduating, will be able to serve yarn manufacturing, fabric manufacturing, textile chemical processing and sewn product industry.


Textile & Clothing department has following labs;

  • Textile Testing Lab
  • Spinning Lab
  • Textile Processing Lab
  • Clothing CAD Lab
  • Clothing Cutting Lab
  • Clothing Making Lab

These labs are equipped with the state of the art equipment for product development and evaluation. The department will add fabric manufacturing lab in future.


The applicants must have one of the following qualifications with overall score of at least 50 % marks.

  • F.Sc. (Pre-Engineering)
  • DAE (Textile, Mechanical, Chemical, electrical and civil or equivalent)
  • Three A-Levels (with physics, chemistry and mathematics) and seven O-Levels.